baby car seat valeting

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Multi-storey Car Park,
MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre, Kilkenny

watch this film

This is not a quick job and you will come to this conclusion
very soon. Have you ever tried to clean Children's Car Seats
by your own... take the covers off? Not that easy at all and
without watching You Tube clip... it's even harder. Then
there is also washing, drying and putting the covers back.

So there MUST BE a value of Car Seat Valet from Hand cleaning, washing, drying, vaccuming
- including all those hard to reach places and making
them ready to use when you return from your shopping.

Special non-biological cleaner is used and we won't
forget about the straps. Then to finish off the seat is
steam-cleaned to kill any bacteria which might be lurking

The prices for this service start from e20 and the team
spend around 45 minutes on each seat but when you return
to your car, the seat will be gleaming and as close to
new as possible.

This is only available in Kilkenny at at
the moment. No booking required just pop along to the
valet bays and get yours done.